Allstate, Tim Miller trusted source for insurance needs | Good News 2022

Thinking about insurance doesn’t usually top the list of leisure activities for people, but sooner or later, people have to think about the future and the importance of good insurance.

Be it for a car, home, boat or other “toys,” or even Life and Retirement insurance, Allstate provides a full range of coverage for everyone.

And if you consider what you’re risking if you don’t have full insurance protection, the topic is worth thinking about right now.

Don’t wait until you have a loss to start thinking about your insurance. Start getting answers to your questions now—before it’s too late. Remember, not all insurance coverage or companies are created equal.

Allstate Insurance agent Tim Miller can answer all the insurance questions that people have. Tim’s Allstate Agency is located at 3445 W. 111th Street.

Allstate Insurance is a name that can be trusted and has been around protecting customers from chaos and loss for more than 85 years.

Tim provides all lines of insurance including auto, property, life, health, boats, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and financial services. He even offers a discount for multiple policy holders.

Tim has been serving Mt. Greenwood for 41 years.

He prides himself on keeping abreast of all the latest insurance issues to meet his clients’ every need. Tim is the recipient of numerous awards for service to his insurance customers.

Tim’s office staff is loyal, dedicated and committed to serving each client. Associates at Miller’s office include Exclusive Financial Specialist Jerry Evans; Office Assistants Pat Danner and Brianne Belford, and Office Manager Arthur Miller.

Tim grew up in the Little Flower Parish neighborhood and settled in Mt. Greenwood in the 1970s, and he knows firsthand how special the community is and what the needs of its residents are. He fondly remembers life in Mt. Greenwood, especially playing softball, and hanging out at all the local establishments past and present.

He is dedicated to continuing to serve the residents of Mt. Greenwood for many years to come.

Tim Miller’s Allstate office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to noon, or by appointment.

To get an insurance quote or discuss insurance needs, please call (773) 779-5959 or e-mail Tim at

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