The Access Economy Is Now Unstoppable

Fifteen years after Airbnb debuted as an alternative to peer-to-peer vacation rentals, and the so-called “Uberization” of the economy began to take shape, peer exchange is adding new types of goods.

For example, from homes and cars to swimming pools, backyards, private tennis courts and boats. Trendity Report suggests that people are able to rent the lifestyle they want for a fraction of the cost of ownership.

Examples abound. pool sharing website swimley It grew enormously in the middle of the pandemic, with only in 2021 it received over 150,000 reservations on its platform compared to just 800 in 2019. Its founders plan to add tennis courts and private gyms, among other proposals.

Another offering, Explore Eden, is building a marketplace to connect camping enthusiasts with private owners. There are also online communities for owners to manage their own mini-car fleets.

An interesting case is that of Miami-based startup Boatsetter, which has already raised US$38 million to expand its business, and lists 50,000 boats in 700 locations around the world with the aim of revamping the boating industry. .

The proposal is to unite boat owners with those who want to go sailing. Unlike other boat rental companies, this is the first company to offer boat rental insurance peer to peerSomething that doesn’t normally happen when renting a boat.

What we are seeing is that “peer-to-peer sharing” is becoming more professional. If earlier there were few companies that could set up a profitable and consolidated business around this trend, today the scenario is different and more business models are emerging in more types of goods.

At the same time, people are increasingly considering spending immediately and “renting” that pleasure (swimming pool, boat) rather than postponing that pleasure to a time when the experience or desire is quickly accessed. unless they have enough money to buy it. ,

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