Classic Car Insurance Discounts In South Carolina

Classic car insurance has some great discounts available to help lower the price of your classic or antique insurance policy. Insurance companies may differ in how they handle these discounts so make sure to ask your agent if you have any questions.

Classic Car Insurance Discounts

Multiple Vehicles

  •  Several companies offer discounts for insuring more than one car, whether it’s multiple classic vehicles or your collector car plus your everyday ride. Some have special discounts for enthusiasts with large collections.

Bundled Policies

  • You may get a discount if you bundle your classic car policy with other types of coverage, like homeowners insurance or life insurance.

Fewer miles

  • While unlimited mileage may sound great if you don't drive your car that often you may be able to get a better rate.

Higher deductible

  • Although several companies will let you choose a zero-deductible policy, a higher deductible means a lower premium.

Anti-theft devices

  • Several companies give price breaks for anti-theft measures.

Car club membership

  • If you’re part of an approved car club, you may get a discount through your club.

Safe driving course

  • Taking a defensive driving course can save you 5-10%.

Winter storage

  • If you drive your collector car only in the summer, some companies offer a credit for winter months or let you reduce your coverage while the car is in storage.

Changing Insurance Companies

  • Some companies offer a discount for switching from a competitor.

Things that may effect you classic car insurance rate:

  • Other Policies
  • Usage
  • Driving Record
  • Coverage Limits
  • Deductable


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Classic Car Insurance Discounts In South Carolina

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