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What Do I Need To Get A Homeowners Insurance Quote In South Carolina?

  • Year of construction (year the home was built)
  • Home construction type (brick, siding, or a combination)
  • Home heated square footage
  • Roof Age
  • Age of plumbing, heating and air, and wiring (For homes older than 20 years)
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms (full and half)
  • Address of the home
  • Foundation type (crawlspace or slab)


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Why Should I Buy Homeowners Insurance In South Carolina?

Homeowners insurance in South Carolina is one of the most important things you can ever buy in your lifetime. You need to protect your home against all threats that could lead to financial ruin by insuring it for an amount that will allow you to repair or rebuild it in case it gets damaged or destroyed.

Your home is likely your biggest investment and you need to protect it against any unforeseen and unavoidable situations. On the outside, it is just a building, a piece of property made up of wood, brick, concrete and tile. But it is the physical center of your life that you have turned from a house into a home. Your family’s hope, dreams and aspirations all start in your home and the complete loss of a home is emotionally crippling. While home insurance cannot prevent the emotional damage from losing a home, it can make the rebuilding process possible and give you some hope. Not having your home insured means everything is gone without the possibility of replacing or rebuilding.

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