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What Is Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is different from normal auto insurance in that it often will cover the car at an agreed or guaranteed valued. Your normal auto insurance only covers actual cash value, that is the amount your car is currently worth. If you bought a brand new car 3 years ago for $25,000, it could be worth 20-40% less than that. If it is currently only worth $18,000, that's how much your insurance company will pay out. But if your classic car is valued at $50,000, classic car coverage would cover the full value of the vehicle with no decrease in coverage due to depreciation. But of course as the car gets older and as you continue to care and maintain it, the car's value will increase.

Classic Cars are unique and require a special type of insurance to properly cover them. While no insurance can bring back your treasured classic car, it can protect you from total finical loss if the car is damaged, destroyed or stolen.

shoppyInsurance Shopping Expert Tip: "In our experience show cars vs week end warrior classic cars need different coverage options and we have the perfect classic car packages for both."


South Carolina Antique Car Insurance

What Are Some Things To Consider When Buying Classic Car Insurance in South Carolina?

  • Is your car an antique, classic or vintage?
  • How often do you intend to use the car?
  • Will you keep it stored in a locked garage?
  • How unique is the vehicle?
  • What is the value of the vehicle?

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