Risk Profile Reduction Plan

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Independent Agents provide an unmatched advantage when considering your cost per dollar of insurance. The ability to place our clients in financially strong companies that specialize in certain risk classes make it possible to provide a lower cost per dollar of insurance.

Risk is the major determining factor for price in the insurance industry. An agent with only one insurer can’t save his clients money efficiently as market forces change. When risk factors cause price to increase, that rate will rise for all clients insured by the company. The agent is stuck offering that rate even though the client may not display the risk factors that caused the increase.

Our Insurance Shopping Experts are trained to place clients in companies that offer the lowest cost per dollar of insurance based on the risk present at the time of application. We offer a risk profile reduction plan that:

  • Educates the client of risk factors present and shows how to reduce them over time, cutting the cost of insurance.
  • It shows how to maximize discounts and makes an effort to identify gaps in insurance coverage.

The risk profile reduction plan is offered to all clients free of charge and is updated and reviewed at renewal provided the client wishes to do so.

Insurance costs are lifetime expenses that can’t be taken out of a clients family or business budget and should not be ignored.

It is The Insurance Shopping Experts opinion that this is the best and only way for an educated consumer to purchase insurance products.

Best of all it takes very little time and effort for clients to accomplish. We are here to assist.