South Carolina Boat Insurance Discounts

Boat insurance has some great discounts available to help lower the price of your boat insurance policy. Insurance companies may differ in how they handle these discounts so make sure to ask your agent if you have any questions.

Boat Insurance Discounts


  • Several companies offer discounts for having more than one policy with them. If you get boat insurance from the same company you have your home and auto policy with, you could save even more.

Full-Pay Discount

  • Paying your premium up front could save you a lot of money. Insurance companies hate trying to chase down payments and only having to process one payment saves them time and money so they are happy to pass on those savings to use as a reward.

Boater Education

  • A safe boater is a much cheaper boater to insure. The less likely you are to be in a boating accident, the less likely you are to cost the insurance company money. Plus feeling confident about your boating abilities and having the knowledge necessary to respond properly in an emergency is always a plus.

Safety Equipment

  • having additional safety equipment on board such as a GPS system, depth finder or radar can save you money.

Clean Driving Record

  • If you can safely operate a car without getting into any accidents, odds are you can probably do the same on the water.

Outboard Motors

  • Since outboard motors are easier to repair and maintain, this will usually get you a discount.

Years of Boating Experience

  • Along with the age of the boater, the number of years of actual boating experience can be positively reflected in your rate.



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What are some Boat Insurance Discounts In South Carolina

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