What Effects My Boat Insurance Rate?

Boat insurance has some unique things that effect the price of your boat insurance policy. Insurance companies may differ in how they handle these different factors so make sure to ask your agent if you have any questions.

Things That Effect Your Boat Insurance Rate

Storage Location

  • Boats that are stored outdoors are more likely to be damaged or suffer wear and tear. Boats that are stored in a shed or marina warehouse are less likely to be affected by the elements. Also, boats that are stored in hurricane-prone areas are more likely to be damaged.

Navigation Area

  • Operating a boat on small lakes is less perilous that operating a boat on the open ocean or more populated areas.

Driving Record

  • Things on your driving record like accidents and DUIs can have a negative effect on your boater premiums. Insurance companies will likely check your driving record before offering a policy.

Prior Boat Ownership

  • If you are a first-time boat owner with little experience, your rates are likely to be higher than those of an older more seasoned sailor.


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What are some Things That Effect Your Boat Insurance Rate In South Carolina

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