What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover In South Carolina?

Homeowners insurance has a wide variety of discount options available depending on your situation. Our goal is to maximize the discounts you can qualify for to decrease the cost of your homeowners insurance policy. Insurance companies may differ greatly in their homeowners coverage discounts so make sure to ask your agent if you have any questions.

Common Discount Options:

While having a quality home insurance policy is important, so is getting one you can afford that adequately covers your home. Often homeowners can add discounts to their policies without sacrificing coverage.

  • Bundled Policies: Purchasing multiple policies from the same insurer can often result in discounts. Getting home and auto from the same company is the most common but some companies offer additional discounts when policies that include specific coverage is purchased.
  • Loyalty Discount: Remaining with the same company for many years can lower your payments. Companies love customers that stay with them forever and they are likely to offer long-term customer discounts if you ask.
  • No Claims or Few Recent Claims: While insurance companies are obligated to pay out legitimate claims, they love not having to pay anything. The less you cost them in claims, the more valuable you become. Be sure to check what discounts are available for low maintenance customers.
  • Burglar System: Letting your home insurer know you have a monitored burglar alarm system on your property may qualify you for additional discounts. A burglar system serves to deter thieves and minimize loss in the event thieves ever trigger it. It also gives police time to respond and possibly apprehend the thieves to prevent the theft altogether.
  • Fire Alarm System:: The less time it takes for the fire department to respond to emergencies, the less damage to your home. Less damage means significantly fewer cost of your claim.
  • Home Improvement: Keeping your home in good repair means your home is less likely to suffer normal damage from aging and increases the overall value of your home. Things like updating the plumbing, wiring or a new roof are a few examples.
  • Gated Community: Just like with the security systems, living in a gated community lowers the likelihood of your home becoming the victim of thieves giving it better odds of insuring to the insurer.
  • Older Homeowner: If you or your spouse are retired, you are likely home more meaning the chance of something going wrong without being noticed or your home being burglarized are less.

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Homeowners Insurance Discounts In South Carolina

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