What Factors Effect My Homeowners Insurance Rate In South Carolina?

Homeowners insurance has a wide variety of coverage options and discounts available depending on your situation. We help you find the right package and coverage options for you homeowners insurance policy with the goal of keeping your price down. Insurance companies may differ greatly in their homeowners coverage packages so make sure to ask your agent if you have any questions.

Factors That Will Effect Your Rate:

Previous Claims

If you've filed claims before, your premiums may increase. The more claims you make, the more expensive you become to the insurance company and your premiums will reflect that.

"Dangerous" Animals

If you own a pet that is considered to be dangerous, such as some breeds of dogs, you may have to pay a more expensive premium. Some insurance companies will exclude dog bites from being covered or refuse to issues a policy altogether.

Home-based businesses

If your home is also your office, you may need a policy that covers those extra costs.

Age of Your Home

As your home ages, the likelihood of something going wrong increases. Your home is more susceptible to damage from severe weather or water meaning the chance of you filing a claim is higher.

Attractive Nuisances

Things like pools and trampolines are a huge risk to insure. These are things while fun to enjoy, carry a high likelihood of causing severe injury that would be costly for the insurance company. Your insurance company may increase your premiums to reflect this and require you to take additional steps to minimize the potential of accidents.

Home Remodels

If you've added to your home or improved it significantly by adding a new room, installing a new kitchen or redoing the bath, your home's value likely increased. You need to be sure to have your home insured at the new value which while protecting your assets may cause your premium to rise.


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What Effects My Homeowners Insurance Rate In South Carolina

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