Irmo Insurance Agent Job Descriptions

What is an Insurance Agent? An insurance agent is a professional who sells, solicits, and negotiates insurance on behalf of his or her clients in Irmo South Carolina. In return, the insurance agent is compensated for his or her services. An insurance agent is an excellent resource for clients seeking insurance in Irmo SC. Listed below are some characteristics of an Insurance Agent and what is required to be an insurance agent in Irmo.

Irmo Insurance Agent Job Description

Aside from selling insurance products, an Insurance Agent must also respect the sentiments of his or her clients. Forcing them to purchase insurance products is unlikely to produce the desired results. For example, customers may not be able to pay for expensive insurance policies and settle for cheaper insurance. The Insurance Agent must work hard to make sure that each customer is getting an appropriate insurance policy. After all, no one likes to pay too much for insurance. The goal is to limit risk and find an affordable price for customers in Irmo.

Education Requirements

The minimum educational requirement for becoming an insurance agent is a high school diploma, but many companies prefer to hire people with college degrees. The best preparation for an insurance sales career is a bachelor's degree, preferably in a business, finance, economics, or public speaking major. However, if you're not interested in the financial aspect of the job, a degree in a related field might be advantageous. In addition to education, insurance agents who have a background in marketing, economics, or finance may find employment in an underwriting or sales role.

Getting your license as an insurance agent requires a thorough understanding of the law and insurance best practices in Irmo. Most states require that new agents take courses and pass exams related to insurance legislation. These courses focus on legal, ethical, and technical issues that affect the sale of insurance. Most importantly, these courses will prepare you to sell insurance products, and be a competent salesperson. By the time you're finished with your pre-licensing training, you'll be able to start selling insurance to customers and earn a great deal of money.

As an insurance agent, you'll we work 40 plus hours a week. Some insurance companies require an evening or weekend schedule. The average salary for insurance agents was $48,150 in 2012, with the lowest ten percent earning just $26,120 per year. The top ten percent made over $116,940 in 2012.

How Do Commissions Work?

Commissions for insurance agents vary considerably based on the type of service rendered and the terms of the agreements. The current "heaped" commission structure typically pays out the majority of commissions in the first two years of a policy. The proposed changes, however, could lead to greater scrutiny of fees and commissions in the insurance industry. Here are a few examples of how commissions for insurance agents could change in the future. Here are some tips to increase your chances of landing a better commission.

The best time to discuss insurance commissions with your agent is before you make any decisions about whether to use one or the other. Some agents earn commissions only for the premiums they sell, and if they cancel within the first year of coverage, they don't owe any commissions. Others earn commissions for every successful sale.

In many cases, life insurance commissions are paid on paid-up additions. These new additions usually generate a commission of between two and three percent of the premium. In some cases, this commission is a percentage of the base premium for whole life insurance policies. This commission structure can range from 0% to 85%. Commissions for insurance agents are a complex topic, but getting the facts can be a good way to increase your income.


Insurance agents must maintain a fiduciary account for premiums and payments. In addition, they must keep fiduciary accounts at New York State banks. This is a legal requirement to avoid conflicts of interest. If you are not sure whether your insurance agent has a fiduciary duty, visit the Insurance Law Department's website to find out more. The New York State Insurance Department's Office of General Counsel has published opinions regarding this topic.

Insurance Agent In Irmo Licensing

Insurance producers, also known as insurance agents or brokers, are required by state law to be licensed by their respective insurance departments. Each state has its own set of licensing requirements based on the type of insurance they offer and the line of authority. Some require pre-licensing training and examinations, while others require fingerprinting. This article will explain how to get licensed as an insurance producer and the process involved in getting a license.

Before becoming an insurance agent, it is essential to complete a pre-licensing education course. Many pre-licensure courses are offered online or through regional training facilities. When choosing a training course, however, keep in mind that you may have to pay some money for the course. Depending on your chosen pre-licensing education course, you may have to pay an additional fee to cover the cost of the course.

In addition to the application fees, you must meet certain criteria in order to get your insurance license. The requirements vary from state to state, but typically include information about how to become a licensed insurance agent, as well as criteria for approving the name of your business. In addition, your insurance license may also require you to register with a broker-dealer, an investment adviser, or a special lines license.


Insurance agents can earn a variety of types of compensation. Some of these agents are 100% commission-based, while others are paid a percentage of the insurance policy's premium. While this compensation is empowering in the short run, it's likely to fall flat over the long haul. While the commission-based income is great for agents, they may not be making the highest earnings possible. Agents spend many hours each month advising clients about their options and resolving customer concerns.

Insurance agents are compensated through various forms of commissions. Commissions are paid to agents for closing sales. These commissions depend on how much insurance is sold, how much is paid, and how the policy is renewed. Other compensation types include salaries.

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