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What Do I Need To Get A Renters Insurance Quote In Irmo South Carolina?

  • Name and Date of Birth
  • Address of your apartment, home, or condo
  • Start date
  • number of full-time inhabitants of the apartment
  • Name and type of any business conducted in the apartment
  • Home inventory and value of the property you wish to include under the policy
  • Any rental company coverage requirements


shoppyInsurance Shopping Expert Tip: "In our experience the more accurate information you provide the better chance we have to shop your renters insurance price and lock in a low rate."


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Why Do You Need Renters Insurance in Irmo South Carolina?

If a fire destroys your apartment complex, the property owner has insurance to rebuild the buildings but they have no responsibility or insurance to cover the lost possessions in your apartment. They are also not liable for the belongings a thief could steal or the items damaged by a pipe bursting and water damage. If a tornado ripped through your home or apartment taking or destroying everything, again the property owner would be covered but you would lose everything with no one to replace the items you lost unless you have renter's insurance. A renter's insurance policy is a very affordable option to prevent total loss of your personal property while renting a home or apartment in Irmo SC.

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